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Wouldn’t it be amazing if your house could know what you want?

Belkin WEMO Branding

Roles / Art Direction, Graphic Design, Concept Development, Iconography, Package Design, Logo Design, Brand Guideline, OOH, Display Design.
Category / Brand Identity Design



What is WEMO

What if it could all be easy as plugging in a lamp? What if you could control it from anywhere? It would seem like magic. But it would actually be WeMo. Starting off as a no-name sub-brand of the Belkin International portfolio, these home automation products were positioned to become a stand-alone brand. Rick Stoeker lead the creative task force to create a memorable name and brand identity to resonate with consumers and become synonymous with home automation. The resulting body of work provided the brand guidelines and creative executions for all WeMo and WeMo Smart (think Crock-Pot and Mr. Coffee) products.

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